Academic Divisions & Courses

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Academic Divisions & Courses

Apart from Software Training, the company also has its Accounting, Multimedia, CAD, Language Labs, Mobile Technology Training divisions. Our Regular Courses, be it the Career Series, Higher-end Specialisation series, Vacation series for school/College students or the Beginners series, all accounts to be most credible and valued by industry taking into account the very reasonable fees, unlimited lab hours, free course materials and the extra quality assurance measures. Our student database of millions and odd students stand as a testimony of the quality Education that we provide.


G-TEC has the  following faculties in learning

  • G-TEC Software Academy
  • G-TEC Hardware &Networking Academy
  • G-CADD Circle
  • G-TEC Multimedia
  • G-TEC Finance & Business Management Academy
  • G- Mobile
  • G- English Academy


Courses with duration ranging from 5 days to 2 years have been the prime evidence to the flexibility and diversity of G-TEC Software Academy. Beginning from basic computing to the.NET / Advanced Java courses, the academy has spread wings across the software industry trends. With International Affiliations from Microsoft, ICDL, IC3 and counting the academy is growing like anything. From MS Office too .NET project and from HTML to interactive website development in PHP, J2EE we serve the entire audience who aspire for a bright career in Software Development Industry.


The hardware Academy gives training in Hardware & Networking and Security courses with online certification by Microsoft, Cisco, SCP, CompTIA and others. The Hardware course makes the student proficient in Computer Assembling, Troubleshooting, Software Installation and Maintenance Network Administration, Network Architecture designing, Network Device Management etc. Being the EC-Council authorised partner G-TEC is delivering all its premium offering including CEH, CHFI and other IT Security related courses.

G-CADD Circle

Computer Aided Designing Wing of G-TEC stand tall with genuine Autodesk certification in its suite. Be it draughtsmanship, Building design or Project Management, G-CADD has a solution for all major call from industry. The well-built courses and International certification make our students Industry Ready with First Day First Hour productivity.


This division is for the creative lot. It provides the most demanding course for the future. Advanced coverage in graphics and multimedia with animation is covered in this division adorned by the Adobe Creative Technology Academy. The latest cloud technology suite of Adobe and Autodesk make it live and colourful while making our students Fly above clouds.


Every business needs an Accountant and we create them. From manual accounting in black and white to most modern ERP Accountant we have everything in the quiver for to give a job seeker a sure shot. Accounting in the trendiest SAP R3 and Internationally NVQ benchmarked IAB, UK qualifications gives our students an edge wherever they go and make them stand SPECIAL.


Everything is mobile these days. From subsidies to banking, we control everything with our fingertips. A mobile phone which is a wireless device has come a long way over the past years. The time has passed and even computers and laptops are finding it hard to catch up with SMART phones while being lighter to feather. While the penetration of mobiles across globe scaled to 300% in past year, the market is yet to show its true potential. Mobile app development to servicing, Mobiles will stay above any technology and create the best JOB market with promising careers. This is where G-Mobile plays its dovetailing role to career seekers.

G-ENGLISH and Language Labs:

G-English is substantially meant for the enhancement of the linguistic ability of the people. The primary qualification for majority of jobs is nothing other than impressive communication. We prepare our students to freely express themselves and their skills in English while giving them a very solid platform on the basics of language. Our English training webcasts with Professional trainers who are native English speakers give them a VERY special interface to learn PURE English which goes globally.